This past year I heard of Police Departments country wide shopping for Segways and I thought about if there was a use for them in the world of Police force. I saw media footage of individuals utilizing Segways and they seemed slow-moving and heavy. Furthermore , i thought they must be harmful having seen countless videos of men and women ramming them ( the videos were actually quite entertaining)

Some time ago I found that my company was investing in a number of the Segways and any person keen on utilizing them could go to a training course. Not long ago i went to the training course and I have to admit I am completely content with the Segway.

The Features

One of the most amazing facet of the Segway is it’s acceleration. They will top out at about 12.5 miles hourly which turned out to be a very good rate of speed. They speed up quickly and an officer could quickly catch up with a suspect running on foot or using a bicycle.

Understanding how to run the Segway required some time but after having a few hours I was feeling invincible as I hopped off curbs and raced down sidewalks and also over grass. The Segway managed flawlessly when jumping off solid curbs at max speed which happened to be a must considering pursuing suspects or reacting promptly to calls for support.

I was just as surprised to find out that the Segway can run over gravel, grass and dirt terrain. I thought the Segway must have been a sidewalk only unit but it’s not. The Segway went slow while dealing with grass but it could take me down and up a grassy hill.

An additional amazing attribute is the Segway’s capability to turn and manuever. I could ride down occupied sidewalks while very easily manuevering around persons, vehicles, light poles, and also other hurdles. One of the most remarkable attribute is the capability to immediately stop the Segway when traveling at max speed. When rushing at 12.5 miles per hour ,I was allowed to immediately stop the Segway by pulling on the handlebar and leaning back. This unique feature is ideal for those circumstances where you have to stop and leave the Segway for an urgent situation or to prevent a crash.

I was first worried of the possibility of the Segways to be stolen if authorities placed them unprotected while performing inspections that demanded them to avoid their Segways. I found that our Segways include an audible alarm that is triggered if somebody touches this after the police officer activates the security alarm. The Segways are extremely heavy and it might be no convenient job for somebody to take one up and run away with it.

More Effective and Efficient

While on the Segway you can considerably better keep an eye on your instant surroundings since you are higher than everybody else close by. Officers are highly visible to the public while on Segways which is an excellent crime deterrent.

The Segway will significantly help a Police Department in tasks wherever police officers are addressing huge crowds of people or overloaded urban areas like for example around downtown areas and flat complexes. Additionally it is an excellent Community Policing device in that it should get officers out of their cruiser motorcycles and being closer with the society. Police officers can quickly address and get in touch with people while on the Segway.

I do believe the Segway is the perfect Community Policing device however it is speedily enough and calm enough to be used for drugs enforcement and many more patrol tasks.